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Relatehk offers counseling to people encountering relationship difficulties.  It is deeply committed to helping Hong Kong families lead happy and well-adjusted lives.  It is there to support children and teens in their development.  It is a service that promotes positive change and relationship support.  Whether you are newly married, a family, a blended family, a mother, a son, Relatehk will provide you with all your relationship needs and support you through your life changes.

Relatehk provides treatment for adults and children experiencing an eating disorder or having issues pertaining to weight and food. If you wish to be free of your preoccupation with food and to learn how to look after your body and mind then Relatehk can assist you. Learn to accept yourself and find contentment beyond what you read on the scale and attain a healthy relationship with your body.

When you are struggling to make a decision and need to talk through options with someone in complete confidentiality, you can find the answers here. Often solutions become clearer when you have an outside observer who can give you an objective opinion and who is trained to help you look at your issue from an emotional and intellectual standpoint. This means figuring out what you have to gain and or lose, uncovering blind spots, interpreting the past and how it is operating now, your relationships, your resources and gaining clarity. All the while feeling the upmost support, professional care and help.