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Most children encounter some bumps on the road between infancy and adolescence. Children experience feelings or behaviours that cause problems in their lives and the lives of those around them. They have difficulty coping as they develop and sometimes don’t develop, as they should. It can be a sad, confusing and isolating time for them and worrying for their families. They don’t always have the life experience or developed awareness of their situation or the skills for effective problem solving. They can then get trapped in negative thinking and feelings of hopelessness. This severely diminishes their self-esteem and without this they are vulnerable to further knocks to their confidence. This can result in fewer life choices and being less enterprising in their endeavours. If not intercepted it can compromise their wellbeing.

A stable loving environment where a child feels secure and safe helps increase resilience and prepares them for the challenges ahead.
“Resilience” refers to the ability to cope, and remain hopeful, even during times of adversity. If a child or adolescent is to succeed in life and be able to take advantage of the opportunities on offer, they must be nurtured and learn how to maintain realistic optimism about the future. This includes how to accept their own skills, abilities, and challenges; if they feel competent they will then be able to weather any storm.