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Communication is the basic tool for instigating change; this change will be noticeable in feelings and behaviours. For children and adolescents some of the therapy will involve playing, drawing, building and pretending as well as talking. They will learn about themselves through sharing and have an awareness of the world around them and how to resolve problems encountered with confidence. In the initial assessment I will decide through finding out about the child’s current problems, history and level of development what the appropriate treatment will be. There will be goals for therapy decided upon with the child/adolescent with the appropriate involvement of the parents. These can include; behavioral changes, improved relationships, more confidence, better self-esteem, reduced anxiety and many others. They will learn about their own value and how to lead a life that will inspire themselves and others. I will support them with the upmost care and belief in them. They will have a space to release their emotions, in an environment of complete safety and care. We will work on their problems so they have a foundation from where they can be, do create who they want to be. The length of therapy will be dependant on the severity of the problem.