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Eating disorders often signal a departure from a world that is emotionally overwhelming. It involves a pre-preoccupation with food and body image, which can be completely overwhelming for the sufferer. For those with an eating disorder life can feel chaotic and too much to bear and for some using and controlling food gives the individual a sense of control in an otherwise uncontrollable, scary world. Whatever the reasoning the behaviours practiced are a way to meet your own needs when you are no longer able to get them met externally.

In society today what you weigh often seems more important than who you are on the inside. This can be particularly hard for teenagers who feel immense pressure to meet the cultural standard. For females dieting has become a necessary part of being female. Food and body today has become a confusing state of affairs. It often means sacrifice and punishment; it is the greatest pleasure and the greatest guilt. Eating today is not so much about pleasure as it is about good and bad food and should or shouldn’t I?

An eating disorder functions to keep your greatest pain at bay and it is about survival. Those who have an eating disorder will often have a very distorted perception of themselves, a need to be perfect and feelings of low self-worth. It is a struggle within, a loss of self and a need for love and acceptance. In the end 10lbs is inconsequential and the pain and the feelings of being lost will remain.  Maybe it happened in your family, maybe it was a comment someone made at school, maybe it was a long time coming and happened in your 40’s or older.  The only way to move forward is to face your pain, face it so you can get your life back.  As you recover and learn to love what’s on the inside the weight on the scale will no longer matter.