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HAVING RECOVERED MYSELF from an eating disorder, I know the pain involved in admitting you have a problem and the courage it takes to begin and commit to treatment. This is also a major advantage for me when treating people who are engaged in dieting and disordered eating. I know that with the help of an experienced therapist supporting you, full recovery is achievable. This means you will be free of your preoccupation with food and weight, where you will not be controlled by it and be able to make healthier choices for yourself.

Counselling for eating disorders involves deep reflective therapy. It will involve the client telling their story and then developing a treatment program that will be individually tailored to their needs. A part of the therapy will include goals regarding weight, meal planning and exercise. Your present symptoms, underlying psychological/emotional issues, physical status and personal goals will all be taken into account. The idea is to overcome destructive eating, exercise, thinking and behavioural patterns. You will see as the therapy progresses and you unburden yourself and feel cared for and supported and follow your contract that the healing will begin. Those afflicted with this often have stored trauma that needs to be released and through therapy your underlying issues will become apparent. We will then tackle these to see how they relate to your disordered eating and dysfunctional behaviours. We will work towards wellness, which will involve healthy eating and exercise habits. You will gain insight into yourself and appropriate coping skills. Family members if available will be invited for sessions and I see this as integral to the client’s therapy. I will also work with you to educate your family members and significant others to promote better communication and understanding.

Food issues don’t have to pertain solely to eating disorders, I can work with those who have any concerns regarding food and weight. I also work with family members to counsel and educate them on how to support their loved one.  I believe it is possible to fully recover from an eating disorder. I can help you to become free of your preoccupation with food. Where you lost yourself you will be found again.

Phone sessions are available should travel or time scheduling be a problem.