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We have unrealistic expectations

We ridicule and belittle each other

The absentee parent/s

Emotional tolerance is low (no or low tolerance for negative emotion to be expressed)

Children are stifled and not allowed to express their opinions

As a parent I am over or under protective (hard to know about yourself but may have heard from others to let members have more freedom or boundaries)

Excessive criticism and little praise of members

Member or members facing addiction problems

We are constantly arguing

We don’t spend time together and lead separate lives

One member is experiencing severe problems

Faulty discipline (based more on emotions or family politics than established rules)

Attempts to reduce anxiety levels through verbal or physical abuse

High unpredictability present causing feelings of fear and anxiety amoung members

You are experiencing psychic harm or abuse from a member

Things have been getting worse or dysfunctional patterns have been going on for years

You can’t talk to each other

Parents feel they have no control or influence over their children

One member is requiring all the attention

The family has experienced infidelity

The parental unit is divided

You are in the middle of a crisis

The death of a family member

Financial concerns

You have just moved and are finding it difficult to adjust

When you don’t know what is going on with a family member and are concerned for their well-being.