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Family is everything. Your family is your soft place to fall and can be your greatest source of support but often the family bears the brunt of stress from its members. Problems can be in the couple, between siblings, parent-child and the resulting distress can reverberate across the whole family. When there is trouble it can involve a preoccupation over one or several members, you worry, lose sleep and may at times feel embarrassment over their behaviour. Moods can be fluctuating, making home a highly uncomfortable place to be. Parents may wrestle with feelings of guilt and powerlessness feeling responsible for what they may deem a failure in their role. This often stems from not having the skills to rectify the situation, which is neither deserving of blame or feelings of guilt. It can be a confusing time involving feelings of shame and hopelessness.

Members then often give up hope after attempting to make threats or trying to control other members does not work. If the family is unable to bring itself back to a state of equilibrium it can result in estrangements of its members, which is a very poor outcome for families. An unhealthy family experience can have negative ramifications for children as they grow older and will affect their ability to form healthy relationships. The family is the strongest idea of security, that when a member leaves the home they feel psychologically reassured that whatever happens in the outside world, they have a place they can return to where they feel safe and loved.