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Family counselling is a fantastic way for members to feel heard and to develop their understanding of each other. It helps to increase compassion and to reduce defensiveness. I will teach families how to repair their relationship. Every time damage is done it is so important to repair. This takes action and communication and identifying the needs of the individuals involved. During the session you will learn to respect differences and develop boundaries that can help protect your feelings and add awareness to your actions. Past generational patterns will be looked at, often problems become more pronounced as families’ progress through time. This awareness of your past can illuminate why things are happening in the present.

I will work with you to gain a more positive perspective so that you may create a positive future for you and your family. I will help you to find your optimal level of functioning and from here initiate goal setting. The goal setting will illuminate your hopes and aspirations for the family and then we will work out individually and collaboratively where each member is responsible for their part. We will work together to create a family and individualized contracts. These will include your roles, rules, expectations and responsibilities and ways of managing and spending your time so that it suits you and your family. Though introducing more structure into your family may feel uncomfortable for a time the security and the bonding that takes place will help to heal your family.

No family or person is perfect but by becoming aware of your weaknesses and strengths and learning to be adaptable and flexible the road will be much easier. Therapy will provide a forum for you to work out your resentments and initiate behaviour modifications. This clearing of emotions will allow you to have a more positive experience of your family. You will be able to level with each other and learn what is acceptable and what is damaging to each other and this is what respect is about. You will feel as though you are a family again, in the general sense that you will enjoy a happier time together and increased emotional fulfillment.

Phone sessions are available should travel or time scheduling be a problem.