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Hayley was born in New Zealand, has lived in Hong Kong for 18 years, attending secondary school here. Embarking on a career in counselling transpired because of her own life experience.

Hayley attended treatment in the U.S for an eating disorder after being unable to find the appropriate treatment here in Hong Kong as an adolescent. One of the key aspects of the counselling service provided in the U.S was that the therapists at the treatment center all had the experience of having had an eating disorder. Having an empathic counselor who understands your experience on a firsthand basis is both comforting and beneficial. As a counsellor this puts Hayley in a stronger position to be sensitive to issues related to living and growing up in Hong Kong as well as working with those suffering from an eating disorder.

Receiving treatment and overcoming her own personal life circumstances cemented her dedication to this profession and its effectiveness. Hayley's decision to work with children and adolescents has been influenced because of her understanding of their mindsets and unique ability to relate to them. Using her international, personal experience and education she has developed specific techniques to achieve wellness for her clients. Hayley looks forward to working with you and your family.