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Relationships can benefit from being in a controlled environment and having an objective observer who can support each partner equally in expressing themselves. The process will help you to and your partner in a way that allows you to be truly seen and heard leading to increased connection and intimacy. You will learn to consolidate your relationship with one another and work as a team. This will involve developing conflict resolution and communication skills in dealing with the minor and major concerns. Value systems will be examined in order to understand where some of the differences or problems may be stemming from.

The history of each partner will be explored with particular focus on parental relationships and childhood. By learning about your partners needs you will discover where you need to grow. The emphasis is on self-improvement rather than trying to improve your partner, there you will find your relationships best chance for happiness. Through counselling you will make discoveries about yourself that will lead to increased understanding of the underlying problems and how to make lasting changes rather than band-aid solutions. I will help you to create a loving and lasting relationship with each other and more importantly yourself.

Phone sessions are available should travel or time scheduling be a problem.