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I found Hayley online. I didn’t really know what to expect as this was my first time in therapy but from the first session I felt immediately comfortable with her. Hayley created a space where I was able to be myself and be open and vulnerable in a way I had never experienced before. I soon learnt a lot about myself and that I was hiding a lot of pain behind bad habits and behaviors. Hayley's approach during sessions was always positive and when we would talk about deep issues that would hit a raw spot she always made me feel safe.

Having her accept me in such a caring way helped me to better accept myself. She was available for contact whenever I felt like I needed some extra support and as we got to know each other, even though she is extremely professional it felt like I had a friend in her. She is very easy to confide in and always had the right word of comfort to ease my mind. She gave me goals and inspiration to keep up my motivation through out the week so that I would progress outside of our session. Hayley helped me to grow as a young woman and taught me the importance of continually increasing my knowledge.

The time we had was amazing, I learnt how to deal with emotions, that I do have a lot of positive traits and I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it. I learnt that I am good enough, I do have a bright future and the only way is up from here. I might fall down along the way but that's ok and how that’s how you learn, thrive and improve. Six months later after ending the therapy I am a much stronger person and have absorbed the life skills she taught me. I will look back each day and take a moment to appreciate all I have learnt and now aspire to. I will never forget or lose contact with Hayley and will forever be grateful for everything she has taught for me. Thank you Hayley for being the amazing inspirational woman you are.

Heidi, 23, therapy