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Our family doctor referred us to see Hayley. I had mentioned to her that my husband and I had been fighting a lot after complaining of anxiety. When we first went to see Hayley I was considering divorce, I felt no connection to the man next to me. I felt taken for granted, controlled and criticized. I could not do anything right!Hayley helped us both individually and as a couple. She taught us to create a breeding ground where love could grow. We had become so focused on work and life stress that we had stopped creating a life together and our relationship was coming second to last rather than first. Hayley helped us to reprioritize our goals as a couple and even to eliminate some of our stress or to better cope with it.

We learnt to create a couple bubble in which we put the other first and now we truly go above and beyond for each other. It was amazing to rediscover each other and realize after 15 years of marriage how much we still had to learn. Hayley teaches you that you are each other’s medication and we both realized how much better we dealt with stress when we are there for one another. Hayley taught us to communicate in a more effective way and having a therapist helped us to understand what the other was trying to say without becoming so defensive.

Most of all she taught us how to put the fun back into our relationship. She said “I can teach you all the skills in the world and educate you on the difference between males and females (extremely helpful) but if you are not interested in your partner, their thoughts, feelings, dreams and well-being, you are going to be bored and lacking imagination in a relationship is a death knell”. This really stuck with me and I now try to come up with imaginative ways to strengthen us as a couple. We now know how to support, soothe and please one another and it feels great. I would definitely recommend her for couples therapy.

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