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We hired Hayley as our family therapist. My wife was originally very resistant to the idea of therapy but Hayley’s calm assuring nature put her at ease. Hayley was very quickly able to get to the heart of our families problem and made the therapy very comprehendible. Throughout the sessions we went from a chaotic, conflictive family to a harmonious, stabilized one. As a family we just could not talk about anything without an argument ensuing. Hayley taught us to speak our truth and without taking it as judgment. We learnt how destructive our communication was and how we triggered one another with insensitive comments.

We would each be confronted but at the same time made to feel supported and understood. It was very difficult to change but Hayley was steadfast in her appointment of what we needed to do. As the father I felt very guilty that I could not rescue my family out of this. My wife and I both learnt that it is okay to ask for help and realize that people struggle here because of the lack of support from extended family and lifelong friends. Hayley really helps you to feel better about your life and situation and was wonderfully caring towards our children. We stopped feeling ashamed of ourselves and looked it as an opportunity for growth. The difference is remarkable. We are now closer than we have ever been and feel we have become a more thoughtful caring family due to her instruction.

Father, family therapy